On the 1st of August 2020, Camplify will be updating its insurance policy with Rentsure.
This will only affect Camplify owners in Australia and New Zealand.

Please view the PDF for full details.

We have created several FAQ's about the policy changes and how they impact owners.

FAQ - Can I read the Rentsure Policy Wording / Product Disclosure Statement?

FAQ - What am I covered for?

FAQ - How can I reduce the chance of damage?

FAQ - What are the key exclusions of the Rentsure policy?

FAQ - What is the excess for personal claims on Premium Membership?

FAQ - What is Undetected Damage?

FAQ - What is Faultless Excess?

FAQ - How do damage claims work at Camplify?

FAQ - How do I amend my Subscription?

FAQ - How do I cancel my Premium Membership?