After you've submitted a booking request, the owner will approve or decline your booking. When they approve, you are sent an email and a notification on your Camplify dashboard to pay. 

If you have not yet made a booking see - How do I make a booking with Camplify?

How to pay for your booking

1. When you find an RV, submit a booking request, answer the owners questions, you will be directed to a summary of your booking request. You will not be charged at this point.

Camplify will then send the owner an email and notification to check your "pending" booking request. 

2. You will see on your "Booking request" that you now have with the Owner of the RV. 

You will see that "Your booking request is pending approval from X"

This booking needs to be "Approved" by the owner before you can pay and secure the booking.

You will see the "Price" is broken down into categories (see image for example)

  • # of days reflects the daily rate charged by the RV owner.
  • "Booking Fee" - is a 15% charge from the total of your trip paid to Camplify for 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Call Centre. 
  • The "Service Fee" - is a charge from the RV owner for cleaning and amenities. 
  • "Extra Products" that you have added available by the RV Owner

3. When you and the owner have communicated enough, then the owner will need to "Approve" or "Decline" the "Booking request".

4. You will receive a Camplify notification message in your booking when they have chosen either way. You will also get an email prompt so you can check the status of your booking. 

FAQ - Why do Owners decline?

If you don't hear back from the owner within 1 week, please call us on 1300 416 133. We will see if the owner of the RV is still active or hasn't seen your booking. We have their contact details and can contact them on your behalf if necessary.

5. When the owner has "Approved" your "Booking Request", you will see in the booking green text saying "Booking approved by X". 

You will receive a booking notification and email that the booking has been approved.

It is now time to "Make Payment" and secure your holiday.

6. Go to the "booking"

7. Click "Make Payment" 

You will be directed to "Review Booking Details". 

If the details are incorrect then you will need to hit "back" and ask the owner to call Camplify and amend the booking dates over the phone.

8. If the dates are correct click "Save and Continue".

9. You will then be asked to "Update Profile" to confirm your correct profile information. Then click "Save and Continue"

10.   You will then be asked if you want to " Reduce Your Accident Excess" for your trip.

Hirers can reduce their Accident Excess by selecting one of the Accident Excess Reduction (AER) packages.

By selecting Silver or Gold AER, hirers can reduce their Accident Excess down to as little as $250 per incident.

The value of the Accident Excess is dependant upon the type RV and hiring type selected. In this example, Drive + Campervan is a maximum Accident Excess of $2000, which the hirer can reduce by paying an additional cost per day.

We have more information about your 
Accident Excess Reduction Packages -
Hirer Insurance - 

Example: The hirer has agreed to pay for an Accident Excess Reduction package - Silver.

11. You now need to "Confirm and Pay" for the booking. 

You will see that there is a breakdown of all costs you are paying to the RV Owner and Camplify.

Total = Booking Costs + Extra Products + AER"""

All Hirers pay Camplify to secure the booking, the amount is held in a Trust account until the start of the booking and then the owner is paid.

Outside 30 days = 25% deposit charged to hirer

Inside of 30 days = Full payment charged to hirer

Example: This booking is within 30 days, so Camplify is requesting the full booking payment. 

12. You then tick "I agree and understand the Camplify Terms and Conditions contract as set out, and my responsibilities. I agree and authorise Camplify to treat this acknowledgement as digital electronic signature"

13. Then add your "Payment Details" and Credit Card. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard through our payment platform - Braintree. 

If you want to pay more than the "Due now" amount, then you can call Camplify and make a manual payment.

If you are unable to pay the amount "Due now" for financial reasons, you will need to call Camplify to ask about other payment options.

We are unable to accept bank transfers to pay for your trip.

If you have already used Camplify and have a credit applied to your account, where you see Payment Details above, there would also be a "Credit available" notice. You can select it to pay for a portion or total of your total amount. 

14. Click "Confirm and Pay". Camplify will confirm the card and say "Sending payment".

15. After the payment is successful then it will say "Payment Successful" and "Congratulations!"

Your booking has now been received and paid.  

After paying, how can I see the booking?

At any time, you can see the booking or message the owner through your Camplify Dashboard. 

1. Go to "Bookings" on the right-hand side of the screen

2. You can see there are sections of "Pending", "Approved", "Paid" and "Completed"

Example: this booking has been "Paid", so it will appear in the paid section.

3. You can then click "View Booking Request" and "Send message" to the owner or "Cancel" if necessary.

4. If you ever need help with your booking you will need to read through our help articles or call Camplify support. 

You will be asked to quote the "Booking ID" - this is listed on each RV booking. 

Have a great time on your trip!