(These policies apply to all bookings created after the 1st September 2021)

At Camplify, van owners can choose which cancellation policy to offer to their guests, and guests can review the policy before booking. 

There are two policies that owners can choose between:

    • Flexible
    • Strict

In response to COVID-19 and the possibility of further travel restrictions, each policy contains conditions for both a 
Change of mind
 cancellation and a cancellation due to a restriction where Camplify declares the 
Extenuating Circumstance
s policy

This provides the necessary protection to all of our hirers so that you can 
book with confidence

Flexible (
Change of mind policy)

    • > 10 Days prior to booking
      • Hirer: Full Credit (Refunds available upon request*) 
      • Owner: 0%
    • 4-10 Days prior to booking
      • Hirer: 90% credit**
      • Owner: 10%

    • 0-3 Days prior to booking
      • Hirer: No credit, no refund
      • Owner: 100%.

Strict  (Change of mind policy)

  • > 45 Days prior to booking
    • Hirer: Full Credit (Refunds available upon request*)
    • Owner: 0%
    • 20-45 Days prior to booking
      • Hirer: 90% credit**
      • Owner: 10%
    • <20 Days prior to booking
      • Hirer: No credit, no refund
      • Owner:  100%

Government Restrictions / Lockdown Policy (Flexible & Strict)

In the event of an Extenuating Circumstance being declared by Camplify hirers will receive:
    • 7+ Days prior to booking 
      • Full credit (Refunds available upon request*)
    • <7 Days prior to booking
      • Full credit


  • If Hirers choose a credit due to restrictions imposed and book with the same Owner they will receive 110% credit. 
  • EC must be declared by Camplify (Note: Due to the nature of lockdowns and extenuating circumstances, owners will unfortunately not be eligible to receive earnings from bookings cancelled due to EC)
  • Refunds due to government restrictions can take up to 30 days to process due to the impact of volume on our processing times.

*Less any admin fees. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.
**Booking fees will not be credited


How do I know which policies apply to which vans?

Every van profile will display which of the two policies is applicable to you under the '
section and you will also receive a copy at the time of payment for your own records. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

All change of mind 
 will incur a $25 administration fee, however, this does not apply to 
 (When credits are applied they will be less the booking fees). There are no fees if bookings are cancelled due to government restrictions / extenuating circumstances.

What’s deemed a government restriction / Extenuating circumstance?

    • If the government issues a no ‘non-essential travel’ policy in the region you are located, or the region the van is located.
    • If the van was being dropped off at an event and the government stipulates events are banned during that period, and the event is cancelled. If the event is postponed the van rental period will be moved to the new postponed date.
    • If you are in an age group or health risk that the government restricts the movement of e.g. over 70.
    • If you or someone travelling with you has been diagnosed with COVID and provides evidence.  

What's deemed a change of mind?

    • You are unsure if restrictions may happen or changes to an event may happen. 
    • You are not sure about travelling due to weather or conditions.
    • The event you are going to is postponed without a government mandate.
    • The destination you are travelling to has sudden restrictions, however, an alternative location is possible.
    • Your family or friend’s situation impacts your ability to travel (other than direct government restrictions).
    • The government asks people to reconsider travel but doesn’t issue a restriction of movement. 

    What if I made by booking before the 1st of September 2020?

    Any bookings created prior to the 1st of September 2021 are governed by the previous* set of Cancellation policies, the details of which can be found here.

See the full cancellation policies here: https://www.camplify.com.au/Cancellation-policies