Camplify has created a Coronavirus page to address ongoing updates and regulations. These are just suggestions for hirers and owners and you are not obliged to follow them.

For the latest advice, please see

See our cleaning guide -

Several states have made announcements outlining when Aussies can hit the road, escape the city and start camping again. With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with some guidance that will help you maximise your safety if you decide to hire a van.

Before the hire

Download the government’s COVID-19 tracing app

The Australian government has just launched an app that helps to record who people have interacted with. The purpose of this is to ensure that if someone tests positive for COVID-19, then everyone that they have come into contact with can be informed. 

PLEASE NOTE: this app does not track your location. It only uses Bluetooth to record when you interact with other people that have the app.

We recommend that all hirers and owners using Camplify download the app to ensure that activities like camping can continue to take place. Please ask your hirers to download the app before coming to the handover.

Tell the owner the truth

In the lead up to your booking, be sure to tell the owner whether you or anyone in your group have displayed any symptoms or have been exposed to someone displaying COVID-19 Symptoms.

Use the disinfectant materials provided by the Owner

Where possible, Owners try to provide your hirers with the following in the van:

  1. Hand sanitiser
  2. Disposable tissues
  3. Disinfectant spray/wipes

During the Handover

Practice Social distancing

It is important to try and minimise direct contact between you and the hirer. This means no handshakes but also try and avoid standing too close when demonstrating how to use your van.  We also recommend wearing a mask during the handover if possible.

Disinfect the van upon your return

Owners have provided their hirers with disinfectant spray/wipes before the hire, they would appreciate you doing a thorough clean before they return, especially of the frequently used surfaces/items eg. Door handles, tabletops, light switches etc.

Be sure to ask the owners about what disinfectant eg. bleach, to use on each surface, as it could affect the colour of certain surfaces eg Fabrics.

After the hire

Owners Clean the van

Camplify recommends owners use our cleaning guidance from leading organisations like the Center for disease control (CDC) and WHO. You can review the full cleaning guide here.