Damage is a risk that comes with hiring out your RV. Accidents happen, whether it is you driving/towing or a holidaymaker driving/towing. Some things are completely unavoidable, but most can be prevented.

If you do receive some accidental damage during a hire, you will need to know how to act. We will run you through the process step by step on the next pages.

Things to consider

  1. Camplify has a comprehensive insurance product that specifies damage for peer-to-peer rentals. It's purpose-made for hiring your RV out through Camplify.
  2. When you make a claim, treat the hirer with respect. Getting aggressive/upset about damage will not get it resolved any quicker. 
  3. Be patient with the Camplify team. All damage claims are assessed by Camplify and the Insurer before a payout can be made. During peak times,  it may take a little longer for an issue to get resolved. 
  4. Learn from the damage. Was there anything extra you could have done to help prevent the damage? Is the item/feature something that has a higher risk of being damaged? If so, take note of it for next time.

FAQ - Make a Claim

FAQ - Damages