Camplify holds a security bond for all hires that take place through our system. All owners complete the compulsory Pre and Post-hire Checklists for Insurance. By using these checklists, you can show evidence of the condition before, record any damage that occurs, and submit a claim. We will then use the Hirers excess to proceed with a Claim should an incident arise.

Prevention is critical. 

See our module on "Protecting your RV" for a list of things you can do to help prevent damage from occurring.

FAQ- How can I reduce the chance of damage?

Always Complete the Pre-Hire Checklist.

The Pre-Hire checklist acts as a condition report of the state of your RV before the hire. You will be asked to take photos, check it's working order in your in-person handover. We will go through this in detail later in the course. This can be done on our app and online. 

FAQ- Where can I find the Pre and Post Hire Checklists?

Follow this process if there is damage:

  1. Greet the hirer when the RV is returned 
    1. How was their trip?
    2. What did they like/dislike?
    3. Is there anything that could have been better?
    4. Did anything go wrong? Was their damage?

  2. Do an initial inspection of the RV with the hirer
    1. Can you see immediate damage?
    2. Try to be calm and understanding with the hirer. 
    3. You will need them to give you the information required for you need to make a claim. In the large majority of cases, the hirer will admit fault straight away.

  3. Gather specific information. 
    1. Ask your hirers when they return the RV to tell you if anything happened. Ask them to provide the who / what / where / when and how of when the damage occurred. You can use photos, text messages and emails for your claim. Take multiple photos or videos and record it in the Post Hire Checklist.

  4. Do a thorough inspection by yourself
    1. We recommend you check within 24 hours, giving you ample time to collect evidence of damage, communicate with the hirer and put together your Post-Hire checklist submission.

  5. Assess the damage 
    1. All owners have 48 Hours to complete the Post-Hire checklist when the van is returned. This means looking on the exterior, checking the contents, fixtures and equipment. Please be thorough, damage found after the examination period is much harder to prove for insurance claims.
  6. Determine the level of damage

    Decide whether the value of the damage is 
    1. small enough to be covered by the service fee (eg. Broken plate/glass) or 
    2. large enough that you need to submit a damage claim

  7. Submit your Post-Hire Checklist within 48 Hours

  8. You can choose if you want to pursue the hirer for damage or absorb the cost of damage.

  9. If the damage is significant, decide if you can complete upcoming hires. If not, call Camplify if you won't be able to complete an upcoming booking on 1300 416 133

  10. If it's suspected to be above $1000 in damage. You will need to quickly obtain two repair/replacement quotes from a relevant repairer/store to confirm that the damage exceeds $1000.  

Camplify will assist with your insurance/damage claim. We will provide you with information on how to proceed.

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