We recently launched the Camplify GPS Tracking device. When you order a device, there are a lot of steps involved and it takes time. We apologise, as you may experience delays, however, rest assured that we are working on setting up and delivering your device ASAP.

  1. Camplify manually links your device to the GPS tracking device
  2. A Camplify team member will link it to your Camplify account
  3. Set up your devices and manage your assets in the tracking dashboard
  4. We will then post it to you in the mail with the local mail provider - Sendle
  5. Send you an email with your Sendle tracking link for your package
  6. The delivery company will take up to 2 weeks to deliver dependant upon your location.
  7. The package will arrive!

We do have tracking numbers for each GPS we send out and we can track the progress of your shipment. 

You can search for your Sendle package progress - https://try.sendle.com/en-au/tracking

Please call 1300 416 133 if you are concerned about the arrival of your GPS.

FAQ - How to use the GPS?