Always complete the Pre-Hire Checklist at the Handover

Always complete the Pre-Hire Checklist with the hirer in person. You need to take photos live with the hirer and can't upload old images. So you will need to do it in the hirers presence.

We currently have a back up in place on the computer, but this will be phased out by August 2020. If you use the old form on your mobile or computer, you will take the photos first and then upload them to the form.

Here is a list of all Pre-Hire checklist questions;

  • Check the hirer's ID and confirm the name, address and license number with the details Camplify has sent you already in an email
  • Take a photo of the hirer's license
  • If another driver is required, you will add another photo of their license
  • It will ask you to show the hirer:
    • Locate the fire safety equipment and First Aid Kit
    • Locate the spare wheel and jack - Tyre replacement kit
    • Test all lights 
  • Demonstrate:
    • Awning usage 
  • Check the gas bottle condition
  • Specify if Fuel and Gas are included in the hire, or the hirer must refill or pay

  • Add exterior photos of the van Photo upload

We recommend that you start at the front of the van and walk clockwise taking photos. You can delete and re-upload a photo if needed. You must take photos of the following: 

  • Front panel
  • High angle roof - from front
  • Right side - including wheel to roof 
  • Rear
  • High angle roof - from the rear
  • Left side - including wheel to roof

  • And where applicable:
  • Roof racks
  • Awning - open and closed
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bike rack/tow bar
  • Annex - open and closed
  • Solar power
  • External gas bottles
  • Any additional products - BBQ / Gazebo / Kayak etc
  • Any high value features

  • Add interior photos of the van Photo upload
    • Front cabin - driver and passenger side
    • Entrance
    • Kitchen - including fridge, sink and cookers
    • Bathroom - toilet and shower
    • Main bed
    • Bunk beds / dinette 
    • Ceiling
    • Carpet / flooring
    • Any high value features such as TV 

  • Specify any existing damage + provide 4 photos 
  • Test all brake Lights, reversing and indicators
  • Ensure all mirrors are in place
  • Inform hirer of the height of RV
  • If your RV is a Motorhome or Campervan
    • Record the km's on the odometer
    • Specify the agreed km's included in the hire
    • The charge per additional km

How to complete the Pre-Hire Checklist:


  1. Login to your Camplify App
  2. Go to "Bookings" on the bottom menu
  3. Select the hire in "Upcoming"
  4. Click your hirers specific "booking"
  5. You will see a triangle icon next to "Pre-hire checklist"
  6. Click this and begin to answer the questions. 
  7. When you are complete, click "Submit" and a record will be saved to your account.


Camplify will send you a text reminder on the day of your hire to your mobile. Click the link inside the text, which will open the Pre-Hire checklist via the Camplify App.