The Camplify Platform is peer-to-peer, so it's designed to connect families who want to hire a vehicle with private RV owners. That means Camplify doesn't own any RVs.

To request a booking or contact a specific vehicle owner regarding the suitability of their Van or Motorhome you will need to submit a Booking Request. This is an enquiry only, and the owner still has to approve the booking before you can pay and secure the booking.

You are able to submit a request with multiple van owners, however if you confirm an alternative RV it is best practice to let all the other owners know so they can open up inquiries to other families.

If you are not getting a reply or require further assistance the Customer Support Team are available on 1300 416 133.

FAQ - How to make a Booking Request 

How to contact the owner

  1. Create a Camplify profile at
  2. Select the RV that you would like to enquire for
  3. Submit your dates and "Request to book". 
  4. You will then be directed to add more information to your booking on the "Confirm Booking Request" page. 
  5. Owners are able to display a public message on this "Confirm Booking Request" page so that they can ask you questions about yourself and your trip.

  6. This is where you can write to the RV owner. 
    You answer these questions in the white text box "Your message to X".

    By providing this information you will drastically increase the chances of your booking being approved.

  7. If you are not ready to confirm a booking and want to discuss questions or details of the vehicle please be sure to let the owner know your requirements in the message field.

    Providing details in your initial request sets clear expectations of where you are at in the booking process. There are many options to choose from and owners are always willing to discuss details.

  8. Here is an example:
    My name is XXXX and we are looking for a 4 Berth caravan with ensuite.
    We have 2 kids, Towing with a Toyota Prado and are looking at heading to XXXX
    We would like to ask a few questions before we confirm the Van is suitable for our Holiday. If you could please call at a suitable time xxxxxxxx
    Best Regards x

  9. After answering their questions, you click on "Confirm booking request". You are still not charged at this point.
  10. Camplify will then send the owner an email and notification to check your "pending" booking request. 
  11. You will be automatically directed to the "Booking request" that you now have with the Owner of the RV. 
  12. You will see that "Your booking request is pending approval from X"
  13. This booking needs to be "Approved" by the owner before you can pay and secure the booking.
  14. You will then have a direct line of communication to the owner available. You can message here repeatedly until they approve and you are asked to pay. 
  15. For the steps following this please see FAQ - How do I make a booking with Camplify?