In the event that you need to alter the dates of your booking, we have built a feature that will allow the owner or the hirer to propose new dates, they are approved and then automatically charged. Both hirers and owners can amend the booking with new dates. 

All of these are able to be edited through the new feature:

  • Request date changes
  • Confirm or decline date changes
  • Notifications of all change requests, approvals or declines
  • Timeline of all changes stored in the dashboard
  • Hirer’s prompted to make payments if additional fees required

Things to consider:

  1. Minimum stay
    Hirers cannot request a change that would reduce the booking to under the minimum stay outlined by the owner. Owners, however, can submit a change that is below their nominated minimum stay if required.
  2. When the booking has started - Extending whilst on holiday
    Once the booking has started you can extend the booking by changing the end date, however, you may not adjust the start date. However, the booking can be extended through the Edit Booking function.
  3. Overlapping bookings
    Bookings cannot be changed to overlap an existing booking to avoid the chance of a clash or double booking.
  4. Bookings in the past
    We will not allow you to changes dates that have already past

What about adding a day before at no charge?

Please be patient with us, as we want to add this functionality, but the first step is to be able to edit dates. The current workaround, is that the owner goes into the "Calendar" and edits the day before to the reduced rate, say $1. Then use the "Edit Booking" function, which will pull that date into the changes and will have only applied an additional $1 charge.


How do I edit the dates?


Send Request

  1. Sign in to your Camplify "Dashboard"
  2. Go to "Bookings"
  3. Click "Change Dates"
  4. A new pop up will appear that says "Change dates", "What would you like to change the date to?"
  5. You will select and change the "drop off" and "pick up" dates. 
  6. It will show you a new total price and click "Send Request".
  7. The new dates will then sit as "proposed dates" and will have the old dates striked-through.
  8. This date change will be submitted to the hirer or owner and they can accept or decline the changes. 

Receive and respond to a request

  1. When proposed dates have been sent, the other party will be notified via email and on their "Booking". 
  2. They will see and then click on the "Respond to request" button on the booking.
  3. A new "Change Dates" page that will show the old dates and the new dates to be "Accepted"
  4. They can see the new total prices and if there are additional fees now involved in the booking.
  5. If they click "Accept", the change in dates will be shown in the Booking in the messages. 
  6. If they click "Decline" changes, it will not change the dates and the booking will not be canceled.
    Instead the most recently agreed-upon dates will remain. 
  7. The agreed-upon dates will be reflected in the booking in the messages and on the payment summary on the right-hand side.
  8. Then the hirer will need to proceed and pay in the normal way. 

What happens if the booking has already been paid?

If you need to extend the booking or start the booking, additional charges may need to be applied to the hirer. In this scenario they will receive an email, notification and the request will appear on their booking. 

They will then proceed to pay the difference in the normal way. 

See our FAQ on how to pay for a booking -  How do I pay for my booking?

Can I edit other things?

If you call Camplify, yes you can edit;

  • Apply Discounts
  • Total price
  • Extra Products
  • Change relocation fee

Back up - How to edit the booking?

  1. As a backup option, the owner can contact Camplify to make the changes. They must reference the Booking ID - What is my Booking ID?
    1. Urgent - Owner calls 1300 416 133
    2. Not urgent - Owner emails us with booking ID + changes-