Premium Membership

Premium Membership is an exclusive membership product available to Camplify users that provides a reduced commission of 5%, loads of extra marketing, a dedicated support team and even some exclusive discounts in our store. As an added bonus, each RV with a membership is added to Camplify's fleet policy, providing it with fully comprehensive insurance cover for unlimited hire and personal use.


  • Reduced commission of 5% (down from 11%)
  • Direct access to the Premium Member support team
  • Featured on Camplify’s tourism page for your area Example 
  • Prioritised to hirers in our search results
  • 15% discount on all Camplify store products
  • Reduction in commission from 11% to 5%
  • Prioritised for PR and media opportunities in your area
  • Receive the Camplify Advanced Marketing Guide
  • Unlimited hires on the platform
  • Added to Camplify's fleet policy, resulting in fully comprehensive rental and personal cover for your van

How do I sign up?

Your Insurance will be available from the moment that you sign up online. If you need it to start in the future, please call us to arrange a date in advance - 1300 416 133.

Direct link -

  1. You can go to
  2. Click on "Van Owners"
  3. A drop down will appear, click "Premium Membership"
  4. You will be directed to the Premium Membership Page, scroll down to "What it costs"
  5. Choose the "Price bracket" for the "Market Value" of your RV.
  6. Click "Subscribe"
  7. A pop up will appear from "Chargebee", this is our Payment Portal
  8. You will need to enter your email, name and RV information to sign up. 
    1. Please have this information ready when you sign up
      1. Your personal information 
      2. RV Make, Model and Year
      3. Registration Number
      4. VIN number or Chassis Number
      5. Link to your Camplify RV which has the "RV ID"
      6. Credit Card Information
  9. Chargebee will then send you an email called "Thanks for Subscribing"

Camplify will edit your account

  1. Camplify will receive a notification that you have signed up and this initiates a process internally. 
    1. Camplify will edit your listing to reflect your new Insurance status
    2. Feature your listing in your regional page
    3. Check that all upcoming bookings are charged a 5% commission
    4. Create your Certificate of Currency - your official note that you are insured through Premium Membership
  2. We will then send you an email with these updates and your Certificate of Currency for your records.

For further information on insurance, please refer to:

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