When you make a booking on Camplify with any owner or any RV, you are assigned a "Booking ID".

When you call or message Camplify support you will be asked to give the Booking ID.

How do I find the "Booking ID"?

On Computer

  1. You will need to have already made a booking and a Camplify account
  2. Login to Camplify.com.au with the information that you used to sign up
  3. Look and click on for "Bookings" on the right-hand side of the screen
  4. You will then see a list of all Bookings that you have made on Camplify. Each booking is associated with a different RV and RV owner - listed on the right-hand side with images and names.
  5. Each booking has a different booking ID 
  6. Example - Booking ID's are highlighted in red
  7. You can go into any of these bookings and see the Booking ID inside the booking 

Find in your Email

  1. You can also go into an email that Camplify has sent you about your bookings. 
  2. We send one - when it's pending, approved, deposit paid and 1 week away.
  3. You can see the Booking ID - circled in red below

Find on the App

  1. Log in with your Camplify login information 
  2. Go to either "Pending", "Upcoming", "Past" to find the relevant booking
  3. You can see the Booking ID - circled in red below

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